Smeagol and Kitty

Oh my gosh, can’t believe it’s been November since my last blog post. Oops. It took me a while to figure this out again. Egads.

Going to try and post a picture of my two cats, Smeagol, the black and white one and Kitty the other one.

Here’s Kitty in a bag.


Here’s Smeagol when I like him the best – snoozing.


Here’s Kitty and Smeagol – if I’m going out of town, they jump in my suitcase because I guess they want to go with me. Lil stinkers.



5 thoughts on “Smeagol and Kitty

  1. They appear to be great friends, which was not true of my cats before Tabby crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Tabitha was a meanie-head and chased poor little Luna ragged. Now Luna is queen and I’m not sure how she’d take to another feline, given that she learned her lessons from Tabby.

    Your cats a beautiful, btw. 🙂 And it’s wonderful to see you blogging again!


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